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Top 5 Christmas Gifts to Get in 2020

This year wasn't exactly what we asked Santa for last Christmas. Life goes on, however, and if there is something 2020 has taught us - it's that we really need to pay more attention to each other, have each other's backs and be close with the people that really matter to us.

And even though there's some uncertainty around how exactly this holiday season will look like for many of us, we only know one thing for sure: we need to stock up on gifts.

So today we are revealing the best gifts to give this year. They have everything one needs in a gift: 

✓ Useful

✓ Beautiful

✓ For any budget

Here we go!

1. Nordic Air Humidifier


Probably, one of the most popular little devices of 2020. Since we've been spending so much time indoors, air quality becomes crucial. Dry skin, allergies, nasty odours -- are just few of the reasons why the majority of people need one of these gadgets. Its minimal nordic design will make a great addition to any interior and the LED ambient lightning will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

Pro-tip: add a drop of your favorite essential oil for a divine session of aromatherapy.


2. Waterproof Smart Watch



This sleek and elegant watch will make an amazing gift to almost anyone! Tons of great functions, such as heart rate monitor, steps counter and sleep tracker, will make any sports addict go nuts! And even if the person's not into working out, they will love the instant notifications function, beautiful screen savers and navigation are all amazing features that are surely useful in day-to-day life.

And the best of all, it won't cost you a fortune! 

3. Infusion Water Bottle + Juicer

Staying hydrated is key to a healthy and fit body. But drinking enough water can become a challenge. That's why this unique water bottle is so amazing. We love how easy it is to infuse water with our favorite fruits and veggies (strawberry + lemon mix is the best) and take with you for a jog or just a walk in the park. Your friends and family will love such an innovative and thoughtful gift. 

4. Full Matcha Tea Ceremony Set

This one is for the health gurus out there. Who knew you could do your very own matcha tea ceremony as it was back in the XVIth century? The art of chado is the one that can be mastered from the comfort of the home and helps find balance and harmony. The authentic tea ceremony set is a great way to express your affection and will be a perfect gift to someone, who's interested in asian culture or just love the superfood properties of Matcha.

Here are just some of the miraculous benefits of this ancient tea:

✓ Powerful antioxidant

✓ Improves immune system

✓ Controls weight (curbs cravings)

✓ Energizing (contains caffeine)

    5. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    Last, but not least! Nowadays, it became a must-have for anyone, regardless of age and interests. Some love them, cause it's easy to workout with them, others - because it's easy to move around when you are on an important conference call. So if you really don't know what to give this Christmas, this will be your go-to present. Cheap, stylish and very useful! I guess we know. who's gonna be a favorite person in the family next year (yeah, you!).

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